Have you ever wondered what a PSA tool actually is?  You have probably heard other MSPs and Vendors talking about PSA tools and wondered what it stands for and what purpose it would serve in your business.

PSA is Professional Services Automation; it is a business management platform designed specifically for MSPs to manage the entire business lifecycle of their clients’ journey from beginning to end.   It is the engine that runs your business and is one of the most important tools you can use as it is the central location for everything your business does.  It is also a single tool that can be used to streamline your processes rather than using many different tools to achieve the same outcome.

A PSA tool can be referred to by many different names, but the one that we like to use at Sondela is Business Management platform.  This describes exactly what it does, it manages your entire business lifecycle process.  Think of it as a window into your business, or a “single pane of glass”.

By using a PSA, you will be able to establish a consistent process for planning, managing and measuring the performance of each project throughout its lifecycle.  By having consolidated business processes and data, services can be delivered more predictably, and repetitive manual processes streamlined and automated.

At Sondela, we work with you to ensure you have implemented your PSA tool properly and are getting the most out of it.  We will methodically take you through each section of the product to ensure that your MSP business is running smoothly and efficiently.  Every recommendation we make is geared towards enhancing profits, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.  Get in touch with us today to find out how we can work together.