Three great tools which integrate with Autotask and other PSA Tools!

Sondela Consulting works with MSPs to help them get the most out of their PSA and RMM tools, optimise their IT Management Tools and advise on business best practices.  Working with many different sized MSPs all over the world, we often get asked during the consulting sessions, about the many different tools that integrate with the PSA tool.  There are so many great integrations which help MSPs to become more efficient, too many to mention here, but the real buzz comes when you discover new integrations and tools and how they work that you can recommend to your clients whilst working with them which you know are going to save them a huge amount of time!

Here are 3 great products which integrate with PSA tools that we have been discussing recently with our clients and we feel these are a great fit and can see the benefit of using them:

Invarosoft:  Invarosoft® is an ITSM CX Platform designed to front-end your PSA and replace ‘support@’ with Apps, Bots & Automation. Clients get a ‘one pane of glass’ interface to access ‘all’ of your IT Services helping you improve your customer experience (CX) and increase productivity. Invarosoft integrates seamlessly with Autotask by synchronizing your clients, users and ticket types making it easy for end users to log tickets, take screen shots, access a branded ticket portal and interact with self-service bots among many other features.

Jamie Warner, CEO of Invarosoft and Chairman of MSP eNerds said: “Most of our MSP competitors use the same great ‘below the line’ PSA, RMM & documentation tools, but nothing to provide visible value to their clients.  Invarosoft provides an ‘above the line’ branded App across Windows, Mac, iOS & Android which clients can use every day to increase their productivity.  The platform enabled us to increase our sales conversion of MRR deals to 47%, reduce tickets by 5-10% with our bots and improve productivity by 3-5 mins per ticket by getting the correct ticket and diagnostic information the first time. Our aim is to ensure every Partner of Invarosoft gets these benefits and a quantifiable 10x ROI from their investment in in the platform.”

TRIBU:  TRIBU provides productivity improvements to IT Service providers with a convenient integration from Autotask PSA to Microsoft Teams. The system utilises AI to further improve your efficiencies with suggested actions and automation features allowing your team to maximise their technical productivity and customer communication.  TRIBU utilises a Microsoft Teams bot (named Talos) to allow you to interact with Autotask PSA tickets. The two key approaches are designed to improve responsiveness and productivity for the team.

Lucas Meadowcroft, Chief Visionary Officer of CROFTi said “Our Vision is to bring businesses into the 21st century by spreading the power of Innovation and modern technology and to enable a stress free, enjoyable and profitable future.  Why do we exist? We exist so that you continue to exist! Our team inspire, enable and lead people in business to achieve their life goals, our Mission is to re-position today’s businesses and help advance the thought/understanding of what is possible”.

TopLeft:  TopLeft create tools for MSPs.  Their premier product is Kanban boards which integrate with PSA tools.  Kanban boards help MSPs take back control of their work, to visualise work and understand project progress, accelerate helpdesk dispatch, identify neglected tasks, and crush the bottlenecks that slow down your team.

Wim Kerkhoff, Founder of TopLeft said “As an MSP, we understand feeling pressure from clients, the difficulty of balancing service, project, and internal tasks, and the challenge of understanding work when using PSA software such as Autotask and ConnectWise.  The name TopLeft reminds us of the place where new work is found in a Kanban board- the top left corner of the whole board or of a column. The right-facing arrow represents how work moves left-to-right through a pipeline of work when visualised on a board.”


Every recommendation Sondela makes is geared towards enhancing profits, efficiency and customer satisfaction.  We are committed to making your business a success by taking the time to understand your needs and making the best-fit recommendations which align with your mission, vision, and goals.  If you would like to find out more about how we work with clients, contact us, we would love to chat with you about your requirements.

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