The Benefits of using a 3rd Party Quoting Tool

Sondela Consulting works with MSPs to help them get the most out of their PSA and RMM tools, optimise their IT Management Tools and advise on business best practices 

During consulting calls, the subject of using a 3rd party tool often comes up.  The PSA tools have builtin quoting systems however they are limited in their capabilities.  There are many benefits to using a 3rd party quoting tool as it gives more flexibility.  One such quoting tool is ITQuoter and we have been discussing this product recently with our clients as we can see the benefit of using it. 

ITQuoter is a complete quoting system that can handle anything from a simple one-line quote, to more complex special bids and professional services proposals.  ITQuoter does not require any hardware investment and only a small configuration process to get started.  It is very easy to use, allowing users to quote quickly and accurately for ‘single source’ IT solutions. It also offers customised branding of quotes, proposals and other documentation, automated price feeds from many vendors updated daily and an easy to create eCommerce portal.  The system then integrates with your PSA tool allowing you to manage your opportunities.  

Gary Henderson, ITQuoter’s Sales Director said:  Our MSP customers have varying sized businesses, meaning they have different management approaches.  ITQuoter offers the flexibility that they can use all features or just the ones they need.  It offers a complete lifecycle management system that spans quoting, procurement, implementation, support and renewals.  We are also focused on the evolution of the product so exciting updates are in the pipeline”.   

So, if you are using the built-in quoting system in your PSA toolbut are looking for more flexibility, then contact ITQuoter as they could be a good fit for you.  Contact them for a demo.  

Every recommendation Sondela makes is geared towards enhancing profits, efficiency and customer satisfaction.  We are committed to making your business a success by taking the time to understand your needs and making the best-fit recommendations which align with your mission, vision, and goals.  If you would like to find out more about how we work with clients, contact us, we would love to chat with you about your requirements. 

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