As an MSP, a Professional Services Automation (PSA) tool is the engine that runs your business.  It is one of the most important tools you can use in your business as it is the central location for everything your business does.   You have made the important decision that you need Professional Services Automation (PSA) Software in your business.  You have decided […]

When you hear the name CompTIA, you immediately think of its leading certification programs for the IT industry. CompTIA represents this and so much more, it is a world leading tech association that, amongst other things, conducts relevant and up-to-date research and has engaging member communities and councils. Their unparalleled programs set industry standards, foster skills development and generate knowledge and insight every day. With its members, CompTIA is building the foundation for technology’s future.  But let us focus on CompTIA’s […]

Sondela Consulting works with MSPs to help them get the most out of their PSA and RMM tools, optimise their IT Management Tools and advise on business best practices  During consulting calls, the subject of using a 3rd party tool often comes up.  The PSA tools have built–in quoting systems however they are limited in their capabilities.  There are many benefits to using […]

With millions of people now working from home almost overnight, the use of an RMM tool is important, now more than ever.  MSPs are currently faced with their busiest period, trying to assist their clients to set up all their staff to be able to work remotely, sometimes on their home computers.  For many companies, this is not the norm, and Managed […]

Sondela Consulting works with MSPs to help them get the most out of their PSA and RMM tools, optimise their IT Management Tools and advise on business best practices.  Working with many different sized MSPs all over the world, we often get asked during the consulting sessions, about the many different tools that integrate with […]