If I had a dollar/pound/Euro for every time I hear this, I would be on my yacht in the Caribbean…

Whenever anyone asks me this, or I see it on a forum, the way I always answer this is:

ALL of them and NONE OF them.

That’s right, there is no such thing as the “Best” PSA Tool.  They all have their good points and bad points.  The question you should really ask should be “What is the best PSA FOR MY BUSINESS?”

When it comes to finding the best solution for your business, the key is to find out which PSA tool is RIGHT FOR YOU and solves YOUR SPECIFIC needs and not about which one is the best in general, because it does not exist.  When you ask the question on forums and in private groups, of course, you will get 100 different answers because everyone has a favourite tool and one that works for them, but it does not mean it’s the best tool.  Sure, it’s the best for THEM and THEIR situation, but not necessarily for you.

My recommendation is to look at ALL PSA tools and then decide from there as to which one works better for you.  Take your specific pain points to the vendors and ask them to specifically show you how their tool will solve those problems, don’t just take their word for it. And certainly, don’t take the word of someone else on a forum that the tool they use is the best and will solve your needs because how would they know?   Of course, you may have similar issues but only you will know exactly what you are trying to solve and whether your chosen tool will be able to help you address those.

In all the years of consulting I have seen all too often people who switch between PSA tools, because something else is better or shinier, only to find that it’s just as bad (or worse) than what they already had.

Every PSA tool on the market has lovers and haters, it’s the nature of the beast.   But just because someone says a tool is bad does not mean it is, it’s probably because they did not understand their pain points when they were looking and purchased the product based on someone else’s recommendation or they were not clear on what they wanted the tool for when they made the initial request with the vendor.

A story I always like to tell is that when I bought a new car a few years back. I have always driven a particular brand since 1989. (Only for a couple of years I drove something else, due to my financial situation), but for as long as I can remember I have been a fan of the make. Now since having this particular car brand, my love for them has gone, I absolutely hate the car, it’s very tinny, and rattlely and feels very cheap although it’s supposed to be a luxury car. My experience with their aftersales service on this car has been awful too. Now if you were asking me if it is a good car brand, I would say no (based purely on this experience), even though it served me well for many years because one bad experience will tarnish it for good.

I have a friend who has the same exact car as me, and he absolutely loves it and swears it’s the best thing he ever purchased. So, if you asked us both you would get 2 differing opinions.

But Who is right?

Neither of us.

We both have different experiences with the car, but just because my experience is bad does not mean it will be bad for everyone.    The same goes for PSA Tools.  What is right or wrong for someone else’s business does not make it right or wrong for you.

The most successful MSPs are those that choose wisely, and who spend time on growing their businesses and not worrying about the PSA tool that everyone else uses.

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